Just Wondering…

10 Feb

These days I’ve been sitting in my apartment, going about as a college student set to graduate soon and wondering… what exactly am I doing right now?  Looking back, I haven’t exactly done much in High School besides joining the obvious…band. Now that I look back, I didn’t exactly have a “boring” life. I hung out with friends, went to the occasional party…and studied my butt off to get into a good college. Now that all that has passed, I’m stuck in a sort of slump. Meeting friends is fun, going to parties is fun…and I guess studying is fun, yet I feel like I’m lacking something-some new goal or aspiration. It’s like a candle that needs to be re-lit.

Thus, I’ve decided that in order to pursue some sort of goal, per say, I will make an attempt to write “whatever” here that I may well please .

Today started off with great weather, however now its cooled down and gotten quite foggy. Sometimes this type of weather is really great but it definitely doesn’t do much for trying to lift your spirits.

All right…that’s about enough for weather.



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