Korean Pop anyone?? Talk of “Third Generation” and JYJ!

10 Feb

WELL, not saying I’m a crazy die hard k-pop fan (cough) which I am not…(I’m kind of stuck in the 2nd generation 동방신기 DBSK era)  there are some pretty talented young new kids out there arguably representing the “third generation” of k-pop–INFINITE, Block B, Boyfriend, A-Pink, what have you. OK, albeit in each of those groups only a few members are extremely talented for their young age,  the other mediocre ones can still hold some sort of tune and can still move a little when a song comes on…a little too harsh or lenient? Haah.

Now, for my all-time favorite group that got me into K-pop back when I was 14 years old…DBSK. Unfortunately, due to some conflict with their previous entertainment company, three of the members sued and formed a new unit: JYJ.


I have the utmost respect for them and also support the other two members who chose to not sue and stay with their ent. company. I won’t play the blame game and say which side was at fault because I am certain there were  many factors playing into all the members’ decisions. For now, just loving JYJ and happy that I was able to attend three of their concerts in the US.


Courtesy of a Friend



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