Work, Food, College= Expensive..our Economy what??

11 Feb

So, ever since my Sophomore year in College I have been working at a Yogurt Store near my school. The job itself is very simple (i.e serve people yogurt) and our boss and manager are very laid back, nice people. With my co-workers we often joke and laugh about various topics.  Often times topics range from religion all the way to skinny jeans and the silliness behind how tight they are. Seriously, if its legit skinny jeans it can cut off blood circulation to your legs! What’s so sexy about not being able to walk?? On the other hand, guys and skinny jeans?? Do you just want to demonstrate that your legs are skinnier than a girls?!

Haha. Well, all kidding aside. I took some pictures of my tip jar that I drew on at work.

Yogurt Diary Escapades

The diary/journal wasn’t started by me. A co-worker started the journal last year and in the journal all us co-workers write about all the funky, weird, hilarious encounters we had with customers. It’s really fun to read. We’ve also gotten quite a few famous people come to our store in the past, ranging from Green Day to present day popular Youtube Stars. Quite interesting and fun!

Ate some Shao Mai today, frozen from Trader Joes of course. No way in heck I’ll be buying that in a store, too expensive. (Yes, poor college student).


Tuition these days, especially for public colleges, is OVER THE ROOF expensive. I’m not going to blame President Obama because personally I think if you’re going to blame our crappy economy on ONE person, who, because of our “great” unique separation-of-powers institution, can’t do much anyways (Conservative House of Reps…I’m talking about you) you are quite, might I say, lacking of intelligence. At most, President Obama is just a “face” representative figure representing America. No matter how much he wants to improve the economy, provide better health care, etc. It just can’t be done! People are naive to think that electing a President will help benefit anyone INSTANTLY. Four years is not enough time for ONE person to be able to change something that SHOULD be changed gradually. Our Republic-Democratic society wouldn’t be considered the “best” form of Democracy were we able to change things instantly, whenever we so desire. That would create chaos.

THUS, I think its best to just understand the complexities of our annoying political system and understand that there will always be ups and downs in the economy and life in general. Keeping a positive outlook on life is KEY. Positivity is important but often times when economy’s down and people are affected by the immediate affects, it’s not so easy to remember the good things we still have in our lives.

Ahh, well that was a rant. I’ll start posting some of my artwork soon. Most of my old stuff is at my parent’s house so I have to go back to take pictures of them. I am in the midst of creating new ones for an art competition but I don’t want to post them yet in case there might be issues later on when they’re being judged in NY.

Still not sure how this site’s going to flow. Should I just ramble on whatever I feel like, like a journal/diary of sorts? Or should I focus on specific material? Ah well, will figure it out eventually. 🙂



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