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Individual Presentation

9 Mar


I had an individual presentation in Korean class today and decided to talk about abstract art. I showed a few of my art pieces and I guess it overall went well.

On Wednesday I met up with my Korean tutor to practice speaking. We talked about random things but it was our first meeting so hopefully next week it will go a lot smoother. The cafe atmosphere where we met definitely helped to take away some of the “[…]” that had happened. Hah.

My artwork deadline is due for an art competition in New York yet I still need to draw two more pieces! 난 바보다.  I’m way behind, esp. because of college load and distractions with JYJ.

재중 오빠 넘 너~무 귀엽다~

I got to get back on track with work!….It’s okay, I got this! hah~


Amidst Controversy–wish JYJ Concerts in Chile and Peru a SUCCESS!

7 Mar

Recently we all know there has been controversy over JYJ and sasaeng. I won’t be judging anyone anytime soon. However, I wish for JYJ‘s success in South America and a safe, welcoming return when they return to Korea.

*Pictures credit their respective owners

JYJ 아~자 파이팅. 힘내세요! 남미에서  행복한 시간을 보내세용~~!!


3 Mar

일. 요즘 일 엄청 많아서 참 바빠… 근데 더 행복해. 다음주 화요일에 시험도 진짜 많다. 에잇! 암튼오늘은  좋은 뉴스도 알게됐다. 야휴~ ㅎ.

这暑假还打算去韩国旅游。。。当然用自己的钱啦。哈。去完韩国在打算去台湾。 好期待~

JYJ 那时在来美国扮演唱会?!

끝. JYJ 빨리 콘서트 해!!


유천 새 드라마 참 기다려요

#옥탑방 왕세자!